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Vacuum Metalising

VMC ltd offer Vacuum Metalising services to apply mirror finishes to most materials. From one off prototypes to full production we can offer a range of finishes from mirror chrome to gold and metallic colours. Satin, Semi Reflective and RF Shielding finishes are also available.

How does Vacuum Metalising work?

To create our bright finishes VMC Limited uses a process called Thermal Vacuum Metallisation. Firstly, a base lacquer coating is placed onto the components which then undergo a stoving process. The parts are then placed inside a Vacuum Chamber. Once under vacuum, a charge is passed through tungsten filaments containing pure aluminium, which vaporises and coats the rotating work In a mirror chrome like finish.

Finally, a protective coating of top Lacquer is sprayed on creating a Lacquer-Aluminium-Lacquer “sandwich”. The lacquer may be coloured to providing a vast range of beautiful metallic finishes. The top lacquer can also be resistant to various chemicals (Alcohol, Perfume etc.). “You tell us the end use… we can supply the correct Lacquer for your requirements”

For more information about our vacuum metalising service, please contact our team onĀ 01932 563 434.

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